Tiffany Tomlin

Inventory Manager

My experience with PPI tech investments has been wonderful - I have had the pleasure to work with Gaurav Sharma and his team. Gaurav is very gifted and so incredibly smart and talented in this field and is so incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas in the tech world. He is very down to earth, easy to talk to, understands your needs and he is very caring about his clients which is so RARE to get from an investor but you know you can trust him. I was also incredibly impressed with his team - mostly his app designer - she would produce amazing quality work and I was so impressed by what she would create based on my instructions and my needs for the app. She really is so talented in what she does and I highly recommend her as well. I worked with another tech company here in California and what they developed for my prototype doesn't even come close in comparison or quality to what Gaurav and his team produced for me and for a lot less money as well. I have no complaints or concerns with PPI tech and I have nothing but positive feedback to give about them.


Maaha Suleiman

CEO & Founder of Care Matched Ltd

I’ve had an excellent experience with PPI Tech Investment. They’ve been very attentive and have built very beautiful and sought after technology from a simple idea. The consulting, designing and development phase have been smooth and what they created in the end far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them if you want to bring your tech idea to life.


Joshua Wies

Entrepreneur & Physical Therapist

I am developing a medical software service for vulnerable people so need to have very stringent requirements met by my development team. PPI has been an excellent company to work with. I received several quotes from developers before deciding to work with PPI and ultimately, it was the personal attention I was given as well as the professionalism and level of commitment demonstrated. I've been very happy working with PPI and have no reservations in recommending them.


John Capps

Founder Anywhere Tutoring

The CEO, Gaurav Sharma, has been really professional and lenient. He has taken the time to thoroughly understand the requirements for my project and offered a more than reasonable price.


Matty Freeman

Founder Live4itLocations

Fantastic company to work with. Professional, precise and just good people. Highly recommended


Sam Kilsby


I highly recommend PPI. Gaurav and his team go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction !!


Jason King


PPI Tech Investments is a great business to work with and wonderful people. Always going the extra mile to make sure every customer is satisfied.


Manlio Lo Giudice


I've been working with PPI Tech for more than 1 year now, glad to see they are growing so fast, still keeping the quality of the deliverables to very high standards. Eveything united with very competitive rates makes PPI Tech the perfect partner to go for your business.


Valentin Stahl

Founder Daymond App

We've been working with PPI for well over two years now on different iOS and Android apps. What I appreciate most is their direct attitude of just getting stuff done instead of wasting both our time with a lot of bureaucracy. I'm at any given time directly in touch with the team who always gets back to us immediately instead of having to deal with a bunch of management hierarchies and waiting days for an answer. This approach also helps the team to get a clear picture of the overall project and thus solving any problems themselves without relying on any instructions from our side. All in all, I'm looking forward to having PPI on board for our next project too.


Kenard Fraction

Founder Coded App

My name Kenard D. Fraction I’m a Alumni and Hall of Fame member at Carver Vocational Technical High School. I appreciate PPI for giving a guy that was homeless and from the rough streets of Baltimore that’s filled with poverty and crime. I’m thankful for the opportunity to make a dream reality and making me a true believer that anybody can do it if they put their mines to it and surround yourself with resources that can make you a cut above the rest.PPI Tech Investments is a pioneer when it comes to investing and a cut above the rest when it comes to development there awesome I’m proud to be apart of something great take care. I’m honored and inspired and would do more ventures in the future with my brother Gaurav Sharma thanks for everything and I will recommend PPI to friends family and colleagues.